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Local Moving

Whether you’re needing one bedroom or six, moving into your new home has never been easier. Get ready to relax in your new space instead of worrying about the logistics of getting into it.



Don’t let your long distance move cause you stress or anxiety, PNW Moving and Delivery is equipped to handle every aspect of moving your life from one city to another with expedited services.



Feeling a little overwhelmed getting prepared to move? We’d be happy to take care of the planning and packing of your move, as well as the move itself.



Focus on growing your business instead of moving into your new office space. Let us take care of the dirty work … we’re here to help!




Does your upcoming move keep you up at night?


Moving is a stressful, anxiety-inducing time. It’s normal for life to feel a bit more hectic than usual. It can be hard enough to juggle work and family time. Add in house hunting, mortgage paperwork, planning for your new home, and all those responsibilities, and moving might leave your mind reeling and your free time non-existent.


Moving should be an exciting time, not one bogged down with anxiety! The PNW Moving team has the expertise to make your move run smoothly. Connect with us for moving advice as well as personalized moving services.


We Are Professionals

PNW Moving & Delivery only use full-time, well-experienced, and well-skilled employees to be sure your moving experience is always positive, stress-free and rewarding.

People Trust Us

PNW Moving & Delivery has worked extremely hard to be a leader in the moving and storage industry. We strive to maintain our exceptional reputation as one of the best movers in the state. Winning the loyalty of our clients is our greatest source of pride.

Individual Approach

A devoted Relocation Manager will be responsible for the smooth operation of the entire relocation process, working closely with clients and other specialist team members to ensure success and customer satisfaction of the moving experience.

Personal Account Page

Manage a moving request online using your personal Account Page. Update your moving date and addresses, submit the inventory list, add move details, send a message to your Relocation Manager – it’s fast and easy – all in one place.

Keeping your Belongings Safe

We take care of your belongings in preparation for a move. PNW Moving and Delivery uses moving blankets to prevent damage to your furniture and home. In case of a damage to or loss of articles PNW Moving & Delivery offers protection plans for you to feel confident about your upcoming move.

PNW Moving and Delivery Cares

PNW Moving and Delivery is proud to serve the Seattle/Tacoma area. We provide the care your furniture and home deserves. Our goal is to serve not only you, but your family and friends as well.

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While we are your trusted Top Rated Local® Tacoma movers, PNW Moving and Delivery is also a nationwide moving company. We travel anywhere within the continental U.S. to assist you with your moving needs. PNW Moving and Delivery workers provide a single-load service to all long-distance moves. The same PNW Moving and Delivery movers will load your goods, transport them and make the delivery. Many moving companies will load with one group, another worker will drive and they will hire a new group of workers to unload at delivery. This is, of course, a very economical way to perform a long-distance move. However, there is a greater chance something will get damaged or lost when third parties are involved. We do not transport your belongings to a hub and load onto a different truck. Providing single-load moves, we lessen the chance of your belongings being lost or damaged. You will always know where your goods are, who has your goods, and when they are going to arrive at your destination.

How Long Distance Moves Are Charged

Long distance moves are calculated based on weight and distance. To give the most accurate quote, PNW Moving and Delivery must obtain a complete inventory of your belongings, including all furniture and estimated number of small, medium, large and specialty boxes. Our Client Care Manager can assist you with submitting an inventory and answer any questions you may have concerning your long distance move.

In-Home Consultations

Depending on the origin of your move, we are can perform consultations outside of our local locations. When possible we do recommend consultations for homes three bedrooms and larger.

Please contact our Move Specialist Manager for more details and scheduling a consultation, at (253) 237-4291.

Commercial Moves

Commercial Moves

PNW Moving provides full service business/commercial moving for both local and long distance moves. We will work with your time frame and plans to complete your move as scheduled. As a company ourselves, we understand the details that need to be done to have a successful move.

PNW Moving Company is a locally owned Tacoma moving company that prides ourselves in being the best we can be. We not only want to earn your business — we want to keep it.

The Right Equipment For Your Business Move

PNW Moving provides the necessary equipment to properly complete your business relocation. Equipment provided by House To Home Moving includes:

Services we offer for business/commercial moves include:

Specialty Moving Services

  1. Packing and Unpacking (We provide all the materials needed for proper packing and remove the used materials free of charge on the unpack)
  2. Flooring Replacement/Cleaning Moves – PNW Moving Company will professionally move out all the items for flooring replacement or cleaning and return the items when the work is completed.
  3. Donation to Goodwill, Consignment, or charity of your choice
  4. Removing items and taking them to the dump


Are you working within a budget and do not wish to include a full packing service? We can assist with only packing specialty and fragile items, like plates, glasses, artwork, mirrors and other valuables. We are also available to pack specific rooms, the kitchen is the most requested room to pack, as there are many breakables and small appliances.


If you choose to pack yourself, we offer Box Delivery Service, with a minimum of $60.

You many choose to order boxes and supplies custom to your needs, or you may choose one of our convenient Pack Kits.

Pack Kits:

Apartment Kit (1-2 Rooms)     $225

Includes: 20 Medium Boxes, 15 Large Boxes, Tape, Tape Dispenser, Bubble Roll, Knife, and Marker.

Small Home Kit (2-4 Bedrooms)     $325

Includes: 25 Small Boxes, 20 Medium Boxes, 15 Large Boxes, Tape, Tape Dispenser, Bubble Roll, Newsprint Bundle, Knife, and Marker

Deluxe Home Kit (5-8 Bedrooms)     $625

Includes: 25 Small Boxes, 40 Medium Boxes, 30 Large Boxes, 5 Wardrobe Boxes, 5 Dishe Boxes, 5 Dish Dividers, Tape, Tape Dispenser, 2 Bubble Rolls, Newsprint Bundle, Knife, and Marker.

Small Box/1.5 CuFt


Medium Box/3.0 CuFt


Large Box/4.5 CuFt


Extra-Large Box/6.0 CuFt


Dish Box


Art Box/24x5x18


Art Box/36x5x30


Art Box/36x6x42


Wardrobe Box + Bar


Table Lamp/Shade/12x12x48


Twin/Full Mattress Bag


Queen/King Mattress Bag




TV Box/19-22


TV Box/23-26


TV Box/32-37


TV Box/40-46


Packing Paper




Local Moves


All moves that are fewer than 55 miles from origin to final delivery address are considered local and based on an hourly rate with a three-hour minimum charge and 15 minute increment charge policy. We service local moves in Tacoma and Seattle. Hourly rates vary depending on a crew size and calendar date (check our pricing page). There is an additional equipment fee that includes a fully equipped truck (if required) with dollies, tools, moving pads and equipment in order to protect your furniture.

Local Washington Moves

PNW Moving and Delivery carries a limited moving license for the Tacoma/Seattle region. The license allows our local movers to service Tacoma and Seattle. If the move originates in Tacoma/Seattle and crosses state lines, the move is then categorized as an interstate move and regulated by the Justice Department. Therefore, any move originating in counties other than of Tacoma/Seattle and crossing state lines can be performed without restrictions.

How local moves are charged:

Move time starts once our local movers arrive at your origin address and ends when movers finish unloading at the destination address.

PNW Moving and Delivery Movers reserve the right:

**Additional charges will apply accordingly (check our pricing page). Please note, that additional movers will not significantly change your final bill, as the move itself proceeds more efficiently with additional movers.


Example (2 Bedroom Apartment with Living Room):

2 movers x 4-5 hrs. (@$105/hr.) = $420 – $525

3 movers x 3-3.5 hrs. (@135/hr.) = $405-$472.5

4 movers x 2.25-2.75 hrs. (@$175/hr.) = $393.75-$481.25


To book a move with a PNW Moving and Delivery Certified Move Team please follow these steps:

​Step 1: ​ Get a quick estimate on our website. This step takes less than 30 seconds and gets you in our system, while providing you with an estimate. Estimates are based on database averages for generally similar moves. (For 3+ Bedroom moves we recommend a complimentary in-home consultation. Please contact our Client Care Manager to schedule your consultation at 1(253) 237-4291).

Step 2: Or you may submit a completed request, so that we can provide you with a more accurate estimate and check our availability for your move. We strive to send out all estimates within 24 hours and inform you if your requested move date is available. Please expect an additional day for all weekend requests.

Step 3: You will now have an option to confirm your request. To book a move with PNW Moving and Delivery Movers you will receive a confirmation email from our office. This email is important because it’s  proof of your reservation with us. The confirmation email will also provide you with important information regarding your move and PNW Moving and Delivery policies. Our main purpose is providing you with exceptional customer service. Providing you with as many options as you need and forming the best plan for success on your move day.

What does your move start time mean?

If you have scheduled a morning appointment for 9 a.m. or 10 a.m., then your moving crew should arrive at the scheduled time (sometimes they are a few minutes early or late depending on weather or traffic). You will receive a phone call from your Crew Leader once they are 30 minutes from your origin location.

The most common reason for additional time to estimated hours is, incomplete information provided by a customer.

Your confirmation email asks you double check your inventory list and let us know if there are any changes, three days prior to your move. We also need to know if any item(s) require significant disassembly, fitness equipment, executive desks, entertainment centers, etc.

If PNW Moving and Delivery movers arrive to a move and find they are now being asked to move four extra pieces of furniture and 15 additional boxes, this will not only add to the time needed, but can also add to the number of trucks needed for a move. If a wall unit has dozens of pieces of hardware and requires 40 minutes of disassembly, the movers will fall behind schedule. Every extra item or service takes time, and while we are happy to assist you with whatever you need, we do ask that you provide us with that information beforehand, so we can provide you with the service you deserve.


For local moves in Tacoma or Seattle, you must pay in full at completion of your job. Unless otherwise arranged, payment for labor only, local and long distance moves is due in full at the end of the job by cash or check. We accept Credit Card Payments (VISA/MC/DISCOVER/AMEX) for any move less than $2,500.


We can provide all the moving labor necessary to load or unload your moving truck or storage container. Whether you rent a U-Haul, Penske, Ryder, Enterprise, or Budget, or chose one of the many container services, you can still enjoy a professional move. PNW Moving and Delivery Certified Move Teams will meet you and load or unload your truck or container. Labor Only moves are charged hourly and have an additional travel fee of $25. Even though you do not need a moving truck for your service, we send our crews in a truck. Our moving trucks are not only the source of transportation for our team, but they are fully equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment, movers need to provide professional service without delays. Our trucks are equipped with several sizes of boxes, tape, shrink-wrap, ratchet straps, dollies, of course, all the necessary tools, required for disassembly of any furniture. We come prepared for any service you may need.


Renovating or remodeling your home? Let the Top Rated Local® movers at PNW Moving and Delivery handle the job. Don’t risk damaging your home’s floors and walls, or potentially your own body. In home moves, will also be charged at an hourly rate, with an additional $25 travel fee.


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