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Do you need help moving in Tacoma, Seattle, or anywhere in the Puget Sound region? Let your trusted Tacoma movers help.

At PNW Moving & Delivery, we are committed to providing fast, friendly, and convenient moving services to all of our neighbors. Whether you need help with a quick local move, a long distance haul, or a full-scale commercial office move, our Top Rated Local moving company in Tacoma has the tools, experience, and abilities to get the job done right.

No headaches. No extra hoops. And no nonsense.

We pride ourselves on clear pricing and affordable rates. Looking to get a quick moving estimate? That’s easy! We provide transparent hourly rates to help you configure your moving budget. With the lowest prices in Tacoma, we provide the moving help you deserve at a price that you can afford. Our current hourly rates for local moves include:

  • Two Movers & Truck: Starting at $110/hour
  • Three Movers & Truck: Starting at $140/hour
  • Four Movers & Truck: Starting at $170/hour
  • Long Distance: Starting at $500

Looking for help with a long-distance move? We have you covered there, too. With prices starting at just $500 for a long-distance move from Tacoma or Seattle, we can help you get to your final destination without having to stress about money, make multiple trips, or leave precious items behind.

But the range of our moving services doesn’t end there. PNW Moving can also handle your full-scale commercial moving projects.

Whether your business headquarters are moving right down the road or all the way across town, we can provide customized moving services along with packing, crating, new furniture installation, assembly of cubicles, and more.

Allow us to focus on the stresses of moving so that you can keep your attention where it’s best served.

Moving Tips

How can you make sure that your move is as quick, efficient, and painless as possible? Take a look at a few tips from our professional Tacoma movers and give us a call today if you’re looking for a trustworthy moving company to help you move easier

  • Tip #1: Clear The Clutter — Before you ever start packing, sort all of your items into “keep” and “clear” piles. One good rule of thumb is to either sort by whether an item brings you joy and/or if you’ve used/worn said item in the last year. If “no” is the answer to either, you may want to consider a yard sale or a Goodwill donation for the things in the “clear” pile.
  • Tip #2: Pack Smart — Take into account how many hands you have on deck for your move and pack accordingly. While you may be able to fit more things in a larger box, you should also keep in mind that these large boxes are difficult to carry and even more difficult to stack.
  • Tip #3: Prior Planning — From choosing the right moving day to picking the best local moving company to help you with the project, you want to have all of your ducks in a row before you get started on the haul. Create a handy “To-Do” list with all of your tasks, from organization to getting moving boxes to packing to planning out the route to your new house.
  • Tip #4: Call PNW — Take the stress out of your move. Call PNW Moving & Delivery today to see why our Tacoma movers are top-rated and trusted throughout the area. We’ll help you formulate a plan and handle your move — whether it’s local or long-distance — in a timely manner and at an affordable rate. Get your free moving quote online from our Tacoma movers today!

Need Help Moving? Choose PNW Movers

Why choose PNW for your Tacoma moving projects? Simply put, we are not your average moving company. Our movers do everything you’d expect and then some. We take pride in providing a level of customer care that is difficult to find in this day and age. Our Tacoma movers are with you through every step of the relocation process, from coming up with an inventory assessment to delivering your belongings to their final destination in a timely, efficient, and delicate manner.

Plus, did we mention we are the Top Rated Local® moving company in Tacoma? That means people have come to trust our local movers and our ability to get the job done right.

When you choose PNW Moving & Delivery to handle your packing, moving, and delivery tasks, here’s part of what you are guaranteed to get:

  • Professionals: There’s a reason why we are the top rated movers in Tacoma. It’s because we employ a team of full-time moving professionals who truly care about their craft.
  • Reputation: PNW Moving & Delivery has built a reputation as Tacoma’s trusted moving company because of our commitment to our clients, their needs, and their belongings. We have earned the respect and business of numerous families, realtors, and companies for our ability to provide reliable moving services at a fair price.
  • Communication: From start to finish, our local moving advisors are in contact with you in order to develop a customized moving plan, answer questions, and guide you through the process so that it remains as clear, straightforward, and stress-free as possible.
  • Online Portal: Where else can you manage all of your moving resources online? Only at PNW Moving & Delivery will you get access to our move portal, which allows you to enter your change of address, update mail, and access moving tips that will truly make the process easier.
  • Peace Of Mind: Get the assurance you deserve when it comes to your belongings. Our local movers provide professional packing services along with moving blankets, furniture padding, and more.
  • Care: Nobody cares about your home, belongings, and schedule like PNW Moving & Delivery. Our Tacoma movers will cater to your needs and provide the attention, advice, and moving resources you need.

Fill out your preferred move date, moving location, and contact information to get your free moving quote online today!

Tacoma Moving Services

PNW Moving & Delivery is the top rated moving company in Tacoma because of our reputation, professional approach, and the wide range of services we provide to our neighbors and friends.

Our Tacoma movers are proud to provide comprehensive moving, packing, and delivery services in and around the area. All of our moving jobs are fully customized based upon your needs and budget. Still, the one thing you can rely on with each service is that we take pride in our work and will handle your belongings as if they were our own.

Contact PNW Moving & Delivery at (253) 203-6512 today or get a moving quote online to see our clear pricing and affordable rates in action.

When it comes to local moves in Tacoma, PNW Moving & Delivery makes it easy. Whether you’re moving from a one bedroom to a new apartment down the street, or you have a full five-bedroom home to move into across the house, our local movers will be there for you.

Our local moves (those that are within a 150-mile radius from Tacoma) are priced through a clear hourly rate. The rate only varies depending on the size of the crew, equipment, and time required to complete the move.

We also provide labor only services for local moves, along with options for loading and unloading, in-house moves during renovations/remodels, single item moves, and of course packing.

Our bread-and-butter service is providing local moving help in Tacoma, and we make it easier than ever before to avoid the stress and headaches that are commonly associated with moving.

Let us take care of it so that you can settle in comfortably and peacefully. Contact PNW Moving & Delivery for a free moving quote today.

Whether you’re moving from Seattle to Tacoma, Tacoma to Seattle, or somewhere even farther away, it can be a chore to get the job organized and handled all on your own. That’s where our trusted Tacoma movers come into play.

Our Tacoma movers are fully capable of handling your move to any location within the continental United States. With a simple rate based upon the weight of the cargo and the distance traveled for the move, you can easily budget for your long-distance move so that you can worry on the things that matter.

Unlike other long-distance moving companies, we cut out the middleman completely. We do that by having our team handle the entire job from start to finish. With our long-distance moving service, you get a professional moving company on your side to handle the loading, transportation, and safe delivery of your belongings in a timely and efficient manner.

With our single-load moves, you always know where your belongings are located. Not only that, you get peace of mind with how your belongings are handled.

Concerned about your moving budget? Don’t be. Our transparent pricing and affordable long-distance moving services allow you to plan for the task with a clear mind. Learn more about our Tacoma long-distance moving service and contact us today.

PNW Moving & Delivery is also in the business of helping your business. With our commercial moving service, we take care of all of the stressful stuff. That way, you can focus your energy on the logistics of moving your office from one space to another.

Whether you’re expanding your operations and need a much larger hub, or you simply found a better location to fit the culture of your business, we can help make moving a breeze.

Starting with a free, in-office estimate, and moving all the way through the delivery and unloading of all of your office equipment, PNW Moving in Tacoma has the expertise and resources required to handle commercial moves with care.

Along with our packing and unpacking specialty services, we can also provide expertise and care when it comes to:

  • Furniture installation
  • Cubicle disassembly/reassembly
  • Transporting computers/server equipment
  • Machinery moving
  • Packing and crating
  • And more

Contact PNW Moving & Delivery today to learn more about our Tacoma commercial moving services.

By now you know that our Tacoma movers can handle all of the “big stuff.”

But did you know that we also sweat the small stuff? That’s right. Whether you don’t have the time or you simply don’t have the patience, PNW Moving & Delivery can assist you with our all-encompassing packing services.

Sure, this add-on service may add on to your total moving cost; but if you have to take time and energy away from other important matters, isn’t it all worth it?

Whether you want us to help you pack or you choose to pack yourself, we can help. PNW Moving also provides the tools and resources needed in order to pack more efficiently. From boxes to tape to packing paper, we carry it all.

Learn more about our Tacoma moving and packing services and get your free quote today.